This page is still under major work...the links are not connected yet...sorry for the inconvience.

Favorite Links

 Listed below are some of my fave sites.  Most of them have something to do with Crusade or about specific
   characters on Crusade.  Nontheless, they are all pretty cool in there own way.  I hope you enjoy them.

   Well, if you are a big fan of Peter Woodward and you loved him as Galen.

Here a few sites you should check out.

  Technomage Selena's Galen Fan Page

  Peter Woodward: The Official Web Site

  Galen's Gallery

  The Circle: A Tribute To Galen

  The Wonderful World of Galen

  A Technomage and a Thief

          I will do my best to find more Galen/Peter Woodward sites to add to my list.
   If you would like to join others to talk about Galen/Peter Woodward, then why not join a list family and
become a list sib?  All you have to do is go to Onelist signup and then search for groups about Peter
Woodward or Galen and it lists off groups that you can join.  Some groups, however, you have to wait for

   I have recently started my own list families.  They are not at Onelist though.  I have created my families at
Globelists.  One of my mailing lists is for only true blue Peter Woodward/Galen know who are.  If
you are interested in joining this mailing list and meeting other fans then come join
PW Lovers.  I have also created a group for the female fans who don't want to join a whole bunch of different
groups just so they can talk with other fans about all the men of Crusade.  So I created The Crusade Estrogen
Brigade.  Come join other female fans tell us who your fave Crusade Hunk is and why.  Don't be shy...we've
said and heard all.  Both of these groups are a lot of fun...but you have to join to find that out.

   One of my list sibs has this web site dedicated to Crusade.  The Rangers Unified Network is a as far as I
know up and running and been revamped.

   If you are a fan of David Allen Brooks/Max Eilerson, then perhaps you would be interested in checking out
the site my friend created.  The Max Eilerson Fan Page has all types of info, pics, fan fiction etc.

   If you are a fan of Carrie Dobro & Marjean Holden from Crusade, then perhaps you would like to check out
their web site Crusade Babes.  Yep, I said theirs.  They own it.

   Oh!  I was sent this site from someone who happened to stumble onto my Galen web site.  I checked it out
and thought it was pretty cool so I am putting it on here. Everything I Need To Know About Life I Learned
From Crusade is a complete list to live by.

   If you like Babylon 5, Crusade, and cross stitch, then you will like this site.  Cross-Stitch By JudyL has
some wonderful cross-stitch on there that she has done.  Mainly, from what I saw, Babylon 5.  However, there
was a Crusade Logo and a very nice cross-stitch of Galen. I loved this site.  I think you all might too.  Enjoy!

                  So now I place my non Crusade related links down here.

  Click on banner above if you would like to check out some cool stuff to put on your web site.  Redtek's is
                              where I got all my cool backgrounds.