Gideon is a soft-spoken, brooding man who knows his strengths and

weaknesses. He is fiercely loyal and puts his duty before all else. An

extraordinary man who can explode into action without warning, he does not

care who is offended when he does what he feels is right. His captaincy

was controversial, but his character qualities make him the right choice

without him being overbearing. Gideon is sure and direct in his duty.


A Techno-mage who was forced to leave his order and their secret

hiding place when he tried to warn the alliance about the Drakh invasion.

Galen accompanies the mission but prefers to stay aboard his own ship,

separating himself from the crew of the Excalibur. He is the mysterious man

in black, with a melancholy aura that reaches out to you. His every word is

precise, crisp and delivered with a laser like intensity. His satirical one

liners and prophecies of doom illustrate a secret and pensive persona.

However, Galen is also a thing of beauty to behold, his sure purposeful

stride and bearing make him suave and sexy.


A member of the notorious Thieve's Guild, she is proud of her abilities

as a pickpocket, lock-pick thief and tunnel rat. The Drakh destroyed

Dureena's planet while she was off world and so she joined the Excalibur to

help find a cure for the plague and find her revenge. She is tough and

capable, strong and witty, yet she is vulnerable and soft. She too, has a

melancholy side and is highly loyal to those she calls friends.


After the Psi-Corps disbanded, Matheson was the first telepath to be

allowed into the Earth Alliance. He is serious, steadfast and earnest in the

performance of his duties. He is committed to his duty aboard the Excalibur

but shows endearing flashes of humor. While being able to read minds, he

never allows himself to intrude upon others in this way. He is totally

dedicated to Matthew Gideon.


As the head of the Excalibur's medical department, she is a dedicated

professional. Facing the extinction of mankind, she tenaciously seeks a cure

for the Drakh Plague, as her sister is on the poisoned earth. Yet, despite her

drive to find a cure, she clings to her humanity, as a voice of reason and

morality. She expresses a true love of life and does not appear to be



He is a cynical, self-serving mercenary employee of the Interplanetary

Expeditions. His main goal in life is finding and making a profit from

artifacts. However, he is unavoidable evil that is needed on the crew as he is

a brilliant xeno-archaeologist and linguist. He is repressive and eccentric,

but has a dry sense of humor that stops him from being too unbearable.